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Here, you will find a sampling of courses and presentations completed by Anjana. The consistent message of ‘making communication accessible for all’ is reflected in all her presentations.

Developed a certificate course for SLPs hosted by
Avaz Certified AAC Professional (ACAP) Course
Served as a resource person in a national webinar, conducted by NIEPMD
AAC for Autistic Individuals, a national webinar organised by NIEPMD.
Communication Intervention Through AAC: Webinar for parents organised by Nayi Disha
‘As I See It’ – a panel discussion on Autistic experiences from Autistic Individuals & their Allies
AAC Through The Day: Webinar on account of AAC Awareness Month

I am currently doing my internships as part of my Bachelors and I work with a lot of kids with different variations of echolalia so this webinar had been a save and grace to help the children in more ways than one. 
I was able to get a clearer picture on how the children were able to process language in their minds and how we can use echolalia to our advantage rather than eliminate it. This also helped me to answer questions that the parents might have to give them a clearer picture on how to work with them. 
Thank you immensely for providing this elixir of knowledge that we all needed. 
-Rima Ravi, Participant SLP

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