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“If all possessions were taken from me with one exception, I would choose to keep the power of communication, for by it I would soon regain all the rest”

Daniel Webster

A comprehensive assessment of speech-language & communication skills is the first step leading to therapy. The process of assessment will begin with an initial meeting with you to understand your concerns, background and gathering other important details. This will be followed up by observing the child in the home environment and child-adult interaction. Parents may sometimes be advised to share brief video clips on how they engage with the child and various activities at home and/or school that the child is involved in to get a wholistic picture.

We will take a peak into three main areas: Home/school/work-environment, communication opportunities in all these environments and the communication needs of the child. We will then arrive at SMART (Small, measurable, Agreed Upon, Realistic & Time-bound) goals and decide upon the best suited service-delivery model (sessions) for you and your child.

During an online session, the presence of a facilitator (parent, sibling, family member) may be necessary and is often recommended for most children and young adults.

First-time Chat: Free

If you are unsure of what path or type of sessions to choose, we can have a chat.

One on One 30 min live-Sessions

A 30 minute session is most suited for younger children and is often packed with specific activities tailored to the child’s communication needs.

One on one 60 minutes live-sessions

A 60 minute session is most suited for older children and young adults who can spend more time doing a variety of things tailored to their interests and communication needs.

Asynchronous Video-feedback sessions

Unable to make it live? Here’s an offering. You can choose to take video lessons custom-made for your child, take the lesson at your convenient time and share highlights with me. I will then follow-up with you.

In-person Sessions

Let’s work together to give your child a voice they deserve.

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